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Expert Protege
Status: New Idea

I think this would be a great idea, brought up here by @Jordan.Phelps.


I think instead of developers needing to handle many requests to change the controls, it would be prudent of Meta to introduce a controller overlay that users could tinker with.


Not just for buttons, but joystick axes as well. (Some VR games don't even use up or down on the right controller. Free real estate!)


As shown by SteamVR, there's a a number of possibilities that open up with this kind of input overlay, such as:


  • Finding comfortable button configurations.
  • Giving developers more room for bindings, with options for inputs like double-tap and hold to fit more inputs/utility into each button. (For example, tap the joystick up to jump, hold to activate the jetpack!)
  • Troubleshooting for joystick sensitivity/deadzones. (save a fortune on controller replacements.)
  • Innovative new features like gesture controls and bringing more options to the end-user.
Retired Support

That's a great idea!

Expert Protege

@Tonberry_Qing Thanks!