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Status: New Idea

I know for myself, even more than playing the games, I can spend a lot of time just relaxing in my virtual home environment. Having the ability to either purchase furniture, carpet, lights, pets, etc to decorate your virtual environment would be amazing. Also, like with XBOX games, when you play games you unlock things and your Xbox gamer score goes up. Therefore, buying and playing more VR games and unlocking these general “META points” you could use those points towards furniture, etc.  Basically like a VR version of the sims but never needing to leave your VR Home. I think with how stressful life is lately, imagine going to work all day in a job you hate and back to your apartment in a cramped city and being able to put on your headset and transform your environment into a log cabin retreat in the middle of the woods on a lake. We need this to distress. Personally, it’d be my favorite “game”. But nothing cartoony like Horizon Worlds, just sticking with the same gorgeous theme and feel of the current virtual environments