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Level 3
Status: Unspecified
Finally allowing us to create and import custom made objects into home was a great step into making our VR homes truly unique. Now you should add some sort of community section for sharing those objects. Some people aren't that technically inclined/artistic or simply don't have time for the hours of work it takes, but allowing them to easily download awesome content from other users who are and do is a must. Personally I'd love to share some of the objects I've made already with other users. Like Longclaw (jon snows sword from GOT) and I'd love to see what other awesome things others have been working on that I wouldn't even begin to tackle. Simply adding an age gate/rating system would take care of any adult content concerns you'd have
Level 2
A way for the community to share custom props, like steam workshops, and make them in any of the 3d modeling software, either the ones in VR, like InMedium, or desktop ones, like Maya. A simple asset editor, (import model, material, set collision and snapping, and physics) built into the occulus app would be nice too, so that it would be easy to finalize a prop outside of the editor used to make it.
Level 3
I know I'm not the only one who's created and converted objects, but I've had a hard time finding others. It would be great if Oculus had some kind of object repository that Oculus users could upload objects to and make them available to other users (sort of like Sketchfab, but objects that are compatible with Oculus Home). I put up a web page with the objects I've done so far: