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Status: Started
I'd like the ability to customize the home environment in Quest, personalizing it to my tastes. Best case scenario, I'd like to see the same home functionality seen on Rift, possibly with cross compatibility. If that's not technically possible though, then perhaps a less complex environment, or perhaps predefined 'skins' developed by the UX team.
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I think that even with reduced functionality having Oculus Home on Quest would greatly improve the user experience, especially for new users.
I was wondering if this would be possible and it will ultimately determine if I pick up Quest or not.
This is a big deciding factor on weather or not i buy a Quest. I already have a Rift but i want to buy the quest only if it is cross-compatible with the Rift.
I've written this a couple times in different forums. To make a long story short, I have a son that was taken out of the country illegally by his mother. I haven't seen him physically in 5 years. He lives in Turkey and any game we play or story I read has been done through Skype. I would LOVE the opportunity to be in the same virtual room as him; to play a game; hi-five him; or even work on some homework with him. When people make fun of VR on a social platform I always point my situation out to them. If this is implemented in the Quest I will immediately buy one and send it to him. So please consider me and how making the Quest cross compatible with Oculus home can bring a lot of joy to me and military personnel stationed around the world be closer with their children.
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Definitely a good idea , I was looking for the settings earlier after picking my quest up , even if you transfer the ones used on the go which had plenty of options that would be great for most people and that sense of customisation helps you feel like the headset is really yours . Also would like to see more customisation features and general settings
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I would even be happy with the same kind of space we have in the Go if we can't get what you do on the Rift (Which I could understand) but comeone; shouldn't we at least be able to play in the Home of our Go friends?
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To this I would add the ability to invite your friends to your home environment to play games or watch TV -- much like the built-in social space on Oculus Go. Also, it would be cool if achievements in games produce statutes or trophies or other 3D objects that you could use to decorate your home environment.
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I wish you could have like expansions for it, being you buying like a $1 pet which could be a dog that greets you in your home, or maybe a way to move kinda like the rift's home menu
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maybe have an option for the OG oculus home from rift?
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This was my first major downside of the Quest after coming from the Home playspace on the rift. Not sure why this was the case, feels quite restrictive to only always be in the centre.