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Hello, I have met many amazing people in Horizon but I just happen across someone who is not like most. He is deaf, We tried to communicate by him taking a pic of what he types in the World search and handing the photo to me. Their must be a better way for deaf people to communicate. My suggestion is this. Make it so Users can type and have what they are typing show up in front of them so others can see it. Make sure it is easy to read by placing a background behind the text. Have the letters show up as they are being typed. Horizon should be a place that everyone can enjoy. 😃 I hope you guys can make this happen. ❤️ Much love and respect.
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And what does Oculus have to do with this? This game is not their property to make changes to it. It's not even made for virtual reality. Besides, it's not a first-person game to play as described in vorpX with a real 3D experience, so I don't see the point in playing with a helmet. For people with problems, your request is to the game developer, not here. Communicating, for example, in the home of Oculus with inscriptions is something else. That is why Oculus can already do something because it is their product, but not for a product of a foreign company.