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Status: New Idea

I noticed that content from Separate ways made it into the Mercenaries mode DLC, and I'm hoping this means that Capcom might add never-before-seen weapons to Resident Evil 4 when they finally release a Separate Ways DLC!


Every Resident Evil 4 fan that bought these Chainsaw controllers has wished there was one in the game... And you could add skins to earn!


I call dibs!I call dibs!An unreleased prototype...An unreleased prototype...The OG Gamecube version!The OG Gamecube version!Gimme that, it's my turn!Gimme that, it's my turn!


I think this would make Resident Evil 4 an even greater value, granting the nostalgic wishes of even more potential Meta customers. There's only so much wish fulfillment a gamer can take before they cave in and buy a Quest 2...


And can you just imagine the satisfying haptic rumble after pulling the starter on this baby?