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If I own my account, then it is my option whether I have an avatar or not. Why is there no option to delete your avatar (of course there would be a warning that some apps won't open like oculus venues), because a lot of avatars are created on accident and now these people have to live with an avatar on their account. There should always be an option to remove your avatar if you don't want it.
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Quest 3, setup today. Only Female Body Types... seriously META????

This is a bad joke guys... 

get that fixed asap!

 @f3g4t0: thank you very much, it does work (Quest 3 !)
My "body" is grey, my arms are grey : much better than any avatar !

Ok going off what @f3g4t0 said I was able to delete my avatar.

There were a couple more steps involved but I was able to delete my avatar.

I now just have a kind of shadow.

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So meta is just like microsoft. They do so great and than ruin it. I find it hard to use quest 2 with the avatar thing. I bought the quest 3 and it was great but for that and one other thing. On there website it says compatible with RTX 4000 series. I have a rtx4090 laptop it continues to say not compatible. it is now 11/12/23 I returned it two weeks ago. my thinking is if after 11 or so months of the most powerfull gpus for a laptop was released and they didnt get around to polish up there software what else are they doing wrong. I will be deleting all facebook account suggest everyone else to do the same.