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I have a cat and small children. Sometimes when I'm playing they will wander into the area and, of course, I can't see or hear them. They're not able to understand this so collisions could occur. Please build a feature to detect interlopers and warn the user.
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Something you can attach to a dog or cat that will show up when they enter the Guardian space.
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A bracelet or collar for pets and kids that have a avatar. (Or other items) So I can play without worrying about stepping on them.
As Oculus Insight is a fairly new thing, it is impossible to track anything but the room, your position, and the controllers. In the Health and Safety video, it tells you to be sure to clear your play area of anything and anyone to minimize real life collisions.
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Like has been said, a sensor of some sort to attach to pets and children to be detected when wandering into the playspace, like how it sees the controllers. Unfortunately I don't expect this officially from Oculus, this seems more like something a third party source would whip up, maybe try bringing up the idea to third party companies that create Oculus accessories.
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Did you ALL not see the INTRO Video about play space, remove obstacles , pets and small children (burn the table, buy a pet box and put your kid to bed) Holy moly !!!!! eureka ..... common sense prevails again. better still oculus should build a feature just your you people that have voted and pauses the game/app every time another object enters your guardian (see how you like that after 10 minutes)
Yes. But not to avoid them, but to make sure we don't miss............🤣 Sorry, bad joke... 😛
Same. My cousin got punched in the face because my brother was playing superhot. Please add this!!!
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It would be fairly easy to use the already available live feed from the cameras to power an algorithm to identify incoming people in the play radius