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Level 3
Status: New Idea

Please please add a disability options area in the options menu somewhere with universal overrides for things like,

Player height, controller angle, controller offset X y z , 

My wife is disabled, she can't bend her hands properly and is quite short, she really struggles to play games on the quest but it's infuriating because it's such a simple fix.

If we could change the direction the controllers are pointing like you can in beat saber (although individually not both controllers together) and adjust the player height so she seems taller than she really is, it would fix 90 percent of our issues, I don't understand how these aren't already options it's so obvious, they can be hidden away in a disability settings menu, but it's crazy that it doesn't exist as a universal setting that overrides or is applied before any game settings, imagine you want to aim a weapon but you can't turn your hand facing forward, such an easy fix with a controller angle setting.





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Level 3

I totally agree that there should be more Accessibility options.
I think there was a section on the website to send through feature requests you would like to see.
I saw it on one of the promo videos somewhere.

Opening up the native options on the headset would open up a whole world for people with disabilities.
A virtual controller would be great.
Like the Xbox accessibility device.
We could access the buttons and controller position externally would be super useful to plug into something they can use.

But yes the in-menu options for controller adjustment would go a long way and are simple to add.
That is a whole range of people they don't currently have.