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Level 3
Status: New Idea

The new arms in v47 are distracting and induce motion sickness. Please allow us to just use the ghost hands, as previously.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there, we've seen quite a few people share their opinions on this feature. We appreciate your feedback!

Level 2

This is a request I hope goes through. I felt much more comfortable with the floating hands. The new 'arms'  distort in weird ways that make them very disorienting, and also block the view of the environment in some situations.

Level 2

mundus_elevare is right, I can't use oculus quest anymore with this arms, it scares me. Turn it off!

Level 2

Please turn them

off, very annoying.

Level 3

Yup, I hate the new arms... not sure what the Meta devs were thinking 😕

Level 2

I also hate the wibbly arms. They wobble in weird places. Please allow us to turn them off. 

Retired Support

Ghost hands for the win

Level 3

Oh so there's more than one thread about this. Good. Get rid of the Avatar arms. If you don't understand what we're talking about, we mean both the full-body avatar and the stupid arms in the Oculus home. I'm standing in the steam punk apartment that has one style of graphics while the arms and avatar clash with that style.

This isn't just "toxic fans", this is really creepy. I'm looking forward to whatever Valve comes up with as a stand-alone headset so I can ditch this headset.

Level 2

Just so you meta guys know, I will refund my recently purchased oculus because of this hand stuff.


This is ridiculous, at least give the people a chance to switch it off. I will wait for a Valve standalone...