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Level 2
Status: Unspecified
Disappointed that the 128GB was available 1 month after purchase of 64GB at full price. Is there anything oculus can do as I would’ve waited for the 128Gb prior to purchase. I feel since I paid full price this is deceptive as I could’ve received the 128Gb at same price. I wish Oculus had communicated they were releasing a 128 gb model I would’ve held of on my purchase. It’s unfair as now I a limited in storage which limits the amount of games I can purchase. I have spent money on the platform and want to spend more but it’s difficult knowing that someone is able to purchase a better model even though it’s been a month since mine was purchased
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Level 3
Bought a 64G full price too. May 24th 2021...3 months before release of not only memory upgraded as this is not at all the sames product now. We we're sold old obsolete stocks. 50% mores resolution + solving majors issues such as the overheating + bigger visual size display and +++...457 CAN $ and yet no longer than 3 months after...scammed AND counsciously doing so since you knew from already a REALLY long time before that you would release the new model. Happen's I stumbled upon tech specialized reviewers announcing it barely a month before date maybe and a half at best. Also to learn how my model can damage eyesight from a misconception.