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When recording VR it is always a problem to get the best view of everything. Oculus has Oculus Mirror.. which only shows part of what you see in your HMD so that it fits a 16:9 screen. At first I thought some way had been found to show all of the VR view by mixing the two eyes somehow, but then I noticed reviewing the video how much of the view was missing. So the best option has always been if the game has a separate window for the desktop, so that you can record this window, rendering what you do in full screen, well, full VR view at least. This makes it much easier and better to record what you do in VR, without the problem of not knowing how much others can see. More options for Oculus Mirror could also be nice, so that you have the option to view it like SteamVR mirrors showing a one or two full "eyes".
Would be great to share what we see and do in Dash Home on the Monitor/TV Screen like in games. Would also be Handy to review Dash in Streams.
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You can already do this. C:Program FilesOculusSupportoculus-diagnosticsOculusMirror.exe
VR for so many owners is about watching others play and seeing them enjoy themselves. In all games, when they falter, we can provide advice because we see it. Now that Dash has the ability to do things other than open a game--there are enough actions that a novice can be bad at; mirroring should be the default for dash, as it is with VR games.
As Andrew said, this can already be done. But since it can already be done, why not make it possible from the Dash panel?
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Maybe an option to allow the desktop to show the HOME app as it's running so that people in the same room can watch what i'm doing, or i can watch what they are doing while messin with the room.
Yes the Mirror can be found in the folder structure of the oculus install... But why hide it in there? Why not have the option available in dash? That way we can easily put oculus on and when we feel ready we can bring up dash, press a button and show the feed, and also quickly turn it off if we want.
Agreed, the mirror app will do this, but there should be a better way. I will say, one possible reason this hasn't been done is because if you open your desktop in VR and then look at the mirror of it, it causes visual feedback like pointing a video camera at the same TV it's hooked up to.
I agree with Will. Default it.
You can do this by using the OculusMirror.exe. The file is located in: ProgramFiles->Oculus->Support->oculus-diagnostics
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Give the option to unhide the home screen so Home shows up on my main monitor