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Don't require a cell number to set up account. I wasn't happy about having to set up a Facebook account for my son but we did. Then the problem became Facebook needing a cell phone number to set up the oculus account. My son uses my phone and my phone number is associated with my Facebook account already. When we used my phone to set it up I received an email informing me that someone used my phone number and that it was no longer associated with my account and now I don't have 2 factor authentication which I need for my job in social media. This has big implications for me and is messed up that oculus would need to be set up this way. We canceled our oculus order which was really sad for my son as he worked his butt off to get the grades to earn the money to get it but now has nothing because of this dumb set up process. And my actual job is impacted because of this authentication issue I now have. Thanks a lot.