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Reviews are garbage. There needs to be more options and restrictions to make them less garbage. Don’t allow users to post reviews until they’ve played at least an hour and a half of the game. This time restriction would allow people to post reviews and return the game but also give users enough time to judge, at the very least, the initial chapters of the game. It’s not helpful for people to post reviews that say “five stars, I’ll update when I play the game”.
I completely understand and agree
mhhh sorry, but i dont need to play an awful game for 1.5hours to tell that its an awful game on steam the limit is 15mins i think? even that i think is too much for a VR game where even 5mins can make me feel like im gonna puke... forcing people to play an awful game for 15mins doesnt sound reasonable to me somebody else suggested to show the playtime next to each user review, i think thats a better solution to the problem of unexperienced users giving poor reviews without really having experienced the game properly. we could then easily filter out or ignore negative reviews from people who only played for 2mins.
I also agree that 1.5 hours is too long to wait to review a game. Showing the play time would be a solution, as someone else here has already said.
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Big fat no. I played a few short games that where probably an hour long if I wasn't messing around. A better solution is a minimum 10 minute play time and listing the reviewers play time next their name or as part of the review. An hour and a half is far too long. But even ten minutes is a good chunk to help weed out ****** reviews. They could also burry less than 15 or 10 minute reviews at the bottom regardless of positive or negative. Don't say they can't do that. This company is working with facebook. They are fully capable of this ****.
Vader Immortal part 1 is just ~ 30 mins total.. I would be for this if each game has an average time rating that is a bove an hour and a half..
30 minutes would be fair.
idk I've played games and hated them within the first 5-10 minutes. sometimes trailers can trick you into believing you'll enjoy a game and then it just doesn't fit what you were looking for. you can't say " well then check the reviews" if reviews are "garbage".
Many of the reviews aren’t useful, short glib commentary with no real details as to what influenced their opinion. If it’s user play time you’re after, why not add a “time played” widget or label next to the username at the time of the posted review. I also suggest adding an additional feedback subsection in reviews for users that have refunded the app, and want to leave a review after the fact.
Agree with others here - just show the user's play time next to their review and let us judge for ourselves. Forcing a time-limit is stupid, as there is trash out there which you can realize after 5 minutes.