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Status: New Idea
I have a game called War of Wizards. Since the game's launch, we have been marketing to attract players to our game. We have achieved a lot, in the past 1 month, we have received nearly 2 million related video views on tiktok and youtube. There are tons of users who want to download our games, but they can't search for us (even if they search for our full game name exactly).
Games published in APPLAB support full name searches, but sometimes show too many irrelevant results for users to find what they're really looking for. This reduces the effectiveness of our marketing.
I went to see what was going on, and when I picked up the Quest2 and searched for the full name of our game, it first showed 10+ other unrelated apps, then 2 unrelated bundles. To the end, we still can't find our game. Because it won't load the bottom result. Only when the user drags to the bottom of the menu and continues to drag to refresh the result when the result is not visible, then the result of APPLAB will be pulled up and loaded.
This way of presenting the results undoubtedly adds too much difficulty to the user. I believe it's not just our games that have this problem.
I know that APPLAB's games can only be searched precisely, but the problem is that when players want to download our games, even precise searches are difficult to find our games, occupied by irrelevant results or even bundled other games. .Even if you drag the result page to the very bottom, the result of APPLAB will not be displayed.
I recommend:
1. When a user searches for a game name precisely, if there is a completely matching APP or game, it can be displayed directly at the top even if it has obtained the publishing permission of APPLAB. The second is to show other irrelevant results.
Only if users can find us, our promotion can continue healthily, and we are also promoting for Quest2 devices. But now this situation is really bothering us and the players to a large extent.