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I have two quests and on the second one I have another account as a secondary account so that I can play some games with a friend if they use my other one. However every time the oculus wakes up it asks me if I want to switch accounts and it is very frustrating since I almost never do and I haven't been able to find anyway to stop this dialogue. So my Idea is to remove this dialogue from popping up all the time

Link to a support ticket about this


About **bleep** time they fix this. It was a bad idea since day one.


This is VERY FRUSTRATING on the Quest 2 and Quest 3.

I usually put on my headset and then use the passthrough to find my controllers. But this "Switch User" screen has no passthrough, no hand tracking, and it pops up each single time I put on my headset. So I'm basically blindfolded, and forced to look for my controllers without actually seeing anything.

So please:

- add option to disable Switch User page, either by using the last account, or allow setting a default one

- add passthrough to Switch User page

- add hand tracking to Switch User page

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This is BASIC STUFF Meta!!! Fix it now!!
Also, check your support team: Read the answer to the original support ticket linked above they gave, which was basically: "Oh, you have a problem with that secondary account? Just delete it" LOL Meta, that's the less seriuos answer for support I've ever seen! Not acceptable!

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I ran into this same issue yesterday. Unfortunately I don’t think there is a huge incentive for Meta to correct this kind of annoyance. It’s such an obvious inconvenience that it most likely occurs intentionally. Discourages secondary accounts which means more money spent on apps. Based on the resources and talent meta has…this is a feature, not a bug. However, in case somebody with actual decision making power happens upon this what we are asking for is two things

1. Devices with multiple accounts should boot up to a sign in page instead of just loading the admin account. Odds are if there are multiple accounts, the admin account on the device is least used. Also sounds like it would be greatly appreciated if this login page utilized passthrough 

2. Once an account is selected. The device should persist that decision for the duration of the session. Obviously if I choose to switch accounts it should switch… But if I take the headset off and put it back on I should not have to confirm that I still want to use the secondary account. That is a massive annoyance. Also let’s say I’m downloading something from the browser that is going to take 10 min (a large movie file that sidequest can’t transfer). Now I have to keep the headset on the whole time bc if I take it off you kill the browser to show me a login screen. That’s just bad ux. 

Another approach could be to give users the ability to set a bootup profile that isn’t the admin account. Then you wouldn’t have to show a login screen…but seriously…the whole confirming I still want to use my secondary account every time I take the headset off/on is really bad


Just came to +1 this. 

For so many reasons it’s super inconvenient to have the “switch user dialogue” pop up every time I put down the headset. Deving on such a headset is a joke.

To demo a headset with multiple accounts is horrible. Instead of having a smooth onboarding right into passthrough or the experience one has to click on the use page, _every single time_. 

Have no idea why this design seemed to be a good idea and an easy fix could be implemented. Please just make it optional. 

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+1 .. some feature really needs to be added to get rid of it !!

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I agree, please fix this. It's more convenient to delete and add the user than deal with the current UX.


What @unicorn_gaming unicorn up here is saying.

I actually keep deleting the extra accounts I’m using for app-sharing when I multiplay with my kids and then re-adding them.

It’s more convenient than having the account menu pop up every time I want to use VR.

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I have an old Oculus/Facebook account that I just reactivated as I had a bunch of Oculus games purchased on it and was planning to use it to buy any new Quest games. Was shocked when I saw this constant annoying popup each time I put on the headset. I'm amazed that anybody thought this was a good user experience. Just put an option under accounts to switch users and remove this annoying popup!

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Meta fix this.  It needs the fix.  Really, enough with account switch screen every time I put down the quest.