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Your recent demand that all social users engage through Facebook is a bad decidion. I will not allow my children to be exposed thru Facebook so you can make a few pennies in marketing kickbacks. We will never participate in an Oculus social media again and I will actively campaign online against you from this point on.
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what the actual **** oculus? get the ******** you piece of ****. this is absolutely unacceptable
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I can't speak for the US, but don't make European Parliament kick your butt for infringing on basic privacy law. To be able to use EchoVR in full, you make it mandatory to create a Facebook account. I got one, but I'll fight for people how do not want Facebook in their life.
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Users now have no access to contact Oculus friends, chat, party up, or visit homes whatsoever at all now, features that were once accessible to all at the time of purchase of this product. It should not be necessary for one to sign up, or log into external social services or 3rd party websites in order to access features provided solely through the Oculus application. This is extremely disappointing, and huge detriment to the Oculus community and user base. Please let me know if there is an alternative to accessing Oculus Home and Oculus social features (such as connecting with OCULUS friends) without using a Facebook account. I am not willing to use Facebook or connect to any external social networking website simply to access basic features that were once available to customers who purchased your product. Your company should note that, whatever the reason for this change, it is garnering an extremely negative reaction from the user community, including myself. The retroactive exclusion of 1st party content due to any agreement with Facebook is tantamount to extortion/fraud of your current customer base, and should be remedied. Until then, I am boycotting the Oculus Store entirely.
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This will never change. Do you really think Facebook cares abkut their consumers feels? They have proven time and time again that they do not. I will not be purchasing another oculus product. My next headset will be Valve or HTC.
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This change has officially made my Quest worthless to me. I'll be selling it. I do not want to go through the privacy **** that Facebook caused me back when I had it again. And I am not ok with them removing the social features from the headset after I paid $400 for it.
yes, agreed. fakebook is a showstopper for this. no thanks.
We could add friends without FaceBook before. Now we can't. This retroactive blocking of features is unacceptable. I paid for this device, and yet not only do I have to accept a stupid privacy agreement, or not get to use my 350$ device, but now you're cutting off pieces of what was there before and then selling it at the premium of a FaceBook account? This is exactly what you said you wouldn't do, and yet look where we are. The next headset I get will likely be a Reverb G2. In fact I'd rather recommend people to use Windows 10 on an update they can't go back from than recommend something that forces people to use FaceBook. I think it's obvious enough at this point that people don't want FaceBook on their VR headsets. You already have a social app separate from what we need to run our headsets. Stick to that, let us use the devices we paid a premium to not run FaceBook on.
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If they decide to follow through with this decision, I'm honestly just going to cancel my order.
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As someone who's had a oculus account since 2012 (Not sure how to log-in with it here tho) I'm incredibly disheartened by this move. I supported the oculus ecosystem under the pretense that at the very least my app library/DRM would remain disconnected from my facebook account. Unless you add some level of support for oculus acounts I will no longer be supporting oculus going forward. You should be offering refunds to all the people you lied to/misled if you are seriously going to break promises in such a big way. The main division of facebook has NOT earned my trust. Facebook has engaged in tons of sketchy and questionable privacy violations. Please reconsider this incredibly anti-consumer decision you are making.
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This is a dealbreaker for me. If this decision stands I will no longer consider Oculus headsets or using the Oculus store for future purchases.