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Your recent demand that all social users engage through Facebook is a bad decidion. I will not allow my children to be exposed thru Facebook so you can make a few pennies in marketing kickbacks. We will never participate in an Oculus social media again and I will actively campaign online against you from this point on.
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This is getting like the "Apple BatteryGate" scandal where apple pushed updates out to devices causing them to slow down or become completely useless in some cases. Apple were found to be in the wrong over this and were forced to pay a $113m fine, three years after the fact. Whilst I agree that we should All band together to form a "Class Action Lawsuit" for restricting functionality to a product that clear does not have any issues. Due to the fact that it work without problems using an Oculus Profile. This could take years past when they start forcing people to have to have an account. Unfortunately I believe that the only FB /Oculus customer that would stand a chance would be those who have purchased the Rift. Any purchase of VR gear After the Rift (Rift 2 Not included) would be subject to the announcement by Facebook for the forced requirement of the FB account. It is just a massive minefield of litigation and details of what was released when and when were actual public statements made to the changes in the service. Now please do not think I am a Facebook supporter. I am not I have removed myself from Facebook and asked for all my data be deleted, fortunately I did this before this whole s**t show. Also I have had a Rift CV1 since 2017 and would really love to still be able to play Online with an FB account.
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People from All over need to get on this... A petition to get our voices heard, more of these need to be setup and thrown at FB and Oculus when completed. Lets all make ONE VOICE be heard for this.
The forced Facebooks signups are their way to force all of us to allow Facebook tracking for ads. It's their way to recover some money after selling their VR headsets cheaper than the competition. It's an anti-consumer decision that I hope gets them into some trouble in the courts. Imagine if Tesla owners were told they had to sign in with a Facebook Account to drive their car. Then, if they get a 7-day ban on Facebook, they can't drive their car. Same thing is being pulled on Oculus customers by their Facebook masters.
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I'm a little late joining in but I do agree with Nimarus and his example point of a Tesla Owner - weird scary stuff

They're in violation of Australian Consumer Law with this "forced to use Facebook" thing.
It won't stop them though. They don't care. The pittance of a "fine" they get is nothing compared to the money they make from tracking and selling your data.


I have simply bypassed this issue by using alternate comms apps such as discord (which isn't much better tbh) so at least I can talk to whoever I want while playing VR games.