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Your recent demand that all social users engage through Facebook is a bad decidion. I will not allow my children to be exposed thru Facebook so you can make a few pennies in marketing kickbacks. We will never participate in an Oculus social media again and I will actively campaign online against you from this point on.
I don't have a Facebook account and never will. Don't force this BS on users who don't either or have no interest in this restriction.
Honored Guest
Playing Echo VR during scheduled events is becoming a pain due to the fact that you need to friend whoever you want to play with on Oculus. I can't add people any more!
Honored Guest
This has already made me sure that when i have to upgrade my headset, my money will go to valve instead
Honored Guest
User experience has got ALOT worse since the Facebook integration. It's much less streamlined and harder to add friends..
Honored Guest
I will not be using the social features of this device as long as this is the case. As such, there's a higher probability that I won't experience the full featureset of the device and be more likely to move to another headset. As of right now that's not what I'd prefer given the other features of Oculus devices. Please don't make your higher quality come along with swallowing a poison pill!
Honored Guest
Basic functionality like this should be usable without a Facebook account. However, if you had other extra features that users could benefit from while they were logged in with an official Facebook account like access to their Facebook page and Facebook features this would entice Facebook users to get a quest. Without this basic functionality though you're alienating current users who just want to chat with their friends without risk of losing privacy.
Honored Guest
I really shouldn't have to log into Facebook (I still, to this day do NOT have a Facebook account) in order to see friends online and play with them. Since the time of this decision, I've only been using Oculus Home as a launcher for SteamVR.
Honored Guest
I will NEVER use facebook as a means for social interaction. Remove the mandatory integration for social features. I should not have to log into facebook to play a game with friends I made OUTSIDE of facebook.
Honored Guest
I dont want to need Facebook to play multiplayer games and/or have some social interaction with other Oculus Quest users. I prefer to use my Oculus account instead of a Facebook account.
Honored Guest
don't be bot noobs i just wanna game