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Your recent demand that all social users engage through Facebook is a bad decidion. I will not allow my children to be exposed thru Facebook so you can make a few pennies in marketing kickbacks. We will never participate in an Oculus social media again and I will actively campaign online against you from this point on.
Level 2
If the Facebook integration proceeds as planned, I will be leaving the Oculus platform all together. The INDEX is looking more and more attractive. Whoever made this choice must be extremely out of touch with their current customer.
Level 2
I love my Rift S, but FB / Oculus are dreaming if they think I will continue to use their platform if they require me to use a Facebook account. The HP Reverb G2 is looking really nice right now.
Level 2
I have no interest in the Facebook social ecosystem. I have never used any of its features and I would never use any of it's features. I purchased an Oculus Rift CV1 HMD to use in the applications I enjoy (flight/driving sims). It has always worked fine for this and would continue to work fine for this if it were not for Facebook artifically disabling the device by force if I do not agree to sign up to Facebook and give them all of my personal data associated with my vr experience. This is functionally not much different from being mugged outside of a bank, You (Facebook) are trying to force me to agree to give you my data by literally 'taking away' the VR headset that I have already paid you for. I agreed to your Terms of Service and Privacy agreements when I purchased the device. Now you are changing the rules AND stealing back the device which I paid you for! You (Facebook) are an immoral and unethical company, not only for this theft, but also for your hand in doing your best to destroy privacy and democracy in the United States and around the world. This device (Oculus Rift CV1) is fully functional without a Facebook account. It is absurd that you intend to disable it if I do not create and use a Facebook account!
Level 2
I agree with this, and unfortunately i was the reason friends bought this device. I do not appreciate being blackmailed into using facebook as i strongly disagree with their terms and conditions.
Level 4
I have not made a facebook account to this date, and I am not going to start even considering making one. I didn't care about Facebook but about Oculus. And I did thought that Facebook would honor the Oculus idea by keeping Facebook account as optional for all Oculus games and devices and all, but only require it for the Facebook own applications and such services (messenger, facebook page and such)! Rift S will be my last product I own and use because I do not take my name to Facebook and public. Thanks, but no thanks!
Level 2
I would have bought an Oculus, but linking it to Facebook is a dealbreaker. You not only lost a customer, but drove him to your competition. (slow clap)
Level 3
Owned a CV1, bought a Valve Index to get away from Oculus. What an utterly STUPID move. Although I think there is a market for this sort of entry level device (which i'll concede is a positive in general for attracting new VR users), I dont think abandoning High Fidelity VR, or isolating your users from the rest of the world is the right decision. RIP Oculus.
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I just ordered a Valve Index. FU Facebook. Anyone want to buy my Oculus Rift S ??
Level 2
Just logged on to say that I've really enjoyed my Rift S, but seeing as you'll be requiring Facebook integration in the future, my next headset will not be from Oculus.
Level 2
Absolutely agree. Requiring facebook account is a huge dealbreaker for me. My next headset will be a HTC or Valve. Too bad cause i really like the Oculus headsets but i'm not going to make an facebook account just to be able to use it.