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Level 2
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Your recent demand that all social users engage through Facebook is a bad decidion. I will not allow my children to be exposed thru Facebook so you can make a few pennies in marketing kickbacks. We will never participate in an Oculus social media again and I will actively campaign online against you from this point on.
Level 2
Rebranding Oculus into Facebook cannot be good for Oculus or its customers. As a symbol of VR, the Oculus brand can only suffer from mandatory Facebook integration. I understand to propensity to elevate Oculus out of a niche market into a broader one, thereby unifying the core business under one umbrella. It saves time and money, at the cost of user loyalty and trust. What this actually does is toss aside the passionate and dedicated users in favor of a broader, less passionate player base - it normalizes the platform, edging out the real innovators of the industry. In a way it's like buying up property in the art district and building shopping malls there. The neighborhood loses it's charm and uniqueness in favor of money. Please reconsider compulsory sign-ups to Facebook.
Level 3
As posted by Anonymous below: " I purchased an Oculus Rift CV1 HMD to use in the applications I enjoy (flight/driving sims). It has always worked fine for this and would continue to work fine for this if it were not for Facebook artificially disabling the device by force if I do not agree to sign up to Facebook and give them all of my personal data associated with my vr experience. This is functionally not much different from being mugged outside of a bank, You (Facebook) are trying to force me to agree to give you my data by literally 'taking away' the VR headset that I have already paid you for. I agreed to your Terms of Service and Privacy agreements when I purchased the device. Now you are changing the rules AND stealing back the device which I paid you for! You (Facebook) are an immoral and unethical company, not only for this theft, but also for your hand in doing your best to destroy privacy and democracy in the United States and around the world. This device (Oculus Rift CV1) is fully functional without a Facebook account. It is absurd that you intend to disable it if I do not create and use a Facebook account!" ***Why don't all of us current owners of Oculus VR equipment get together and bring a class action against Facebook based on the details in the post above? The place I work at purchased 8 sets of the Rift S for training purposes and does not, nor will not create a FB account. Our investments have effectively been STOLEN from us by Mark Zuckerberg.
Level 5
Someone needs to start a class-action lawsuit against Facebook regarding this signing up to use basically anything to do with its headsets now. It's okay to ask us to sign into a Facebook account in order to use Facebook's "social" features and even to go onto the online store, but we should not be forced to sign into Facebook just to use the basic features of the headset such as watching a movie or checking the menu or setting the options or setting up guardian or using Link to access our existing PC VR games, and so on. This is an absolute abuse of our rights of ownership of a product we have outright bought and paid for, and it needs to be challenged in a court of law if necessary.
Level 2
At this point, unless something changes, my Rift S will be the only Oculus product I'll ever own. And I'll actively let my inner circle know to avoid Oculus as well. I'm glad I never purchased anything on the Oculus store.
Level 2
I am 100% aboard this, **** facebook and I'd rather throw my quest and rift into the trash then be forced to use that information leaking garbage website!
Level 2
I want to delete my Facebook account, but now I have to keep it open just to use my Rift S. I'll be purchasing a competitor product in the future and I'll never use a Facebook service or product again. What a terrible requirement to force on your customers.
Level 3
Absolutely agree, deal-breaker for me. I got an Oculus headset and account for a platform for playing VR games only, not more of Facebook's "social media". I don't buy games on Oculus store anymore and my next headset certainly won't be Oculus. Oh well, I'm sure Valve or Vive won't mind my money ;).
Level 2
Agreed. This is ridiculous. I have no interest in using social media features; I bought this as a gift for my 13-yr son. I had no idea about the FB requirement and now I'm trying to see if I can get an Oculus account somehow. If not, this device is going up on e bay.
Level 3
100% agree bought a Rift s not knowing about Face Book. Did not want to join but reluctantly did so after viewing a You Tube video on how you can join but using settings in the account to make it only you can see any of your own activity on the site. Three days later my account was frozen by Face Book and they were requesting photos of me to see you I am!!! All because I was using Face Books to their liking so this also locked me out of Oculus and I had to return my headset to supplier. Surely this behaviour is not right, we should all have freedom of choice. Also purchased a game on the Oculus platform and now have also lost that because I can not log in. Anyone any idea how I can get a refund. Don't purchase Oculus if you don't want to join Face Book.
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