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Status: New Idea

I'm legally blind, and even though I went into Settings, Accessibility, Vision, and set the text size to "Largest", it did not seem to have much, if any affect on the text size for menus. I have to walk up to menus, to try and read them, but when I start to get close enough, the menus either disappear, or turn white. Also, the app thumbnails, in the apps window are way too small. I can't see the titles. Even when I hover the pointer beam on one, to make it's descriptive text appear, that text is too small for me to read. So, I try to walk up to the apps window, but when I start to get close enough to see it, the window turns white. I never can get close enough to read the titles, or the descriptive text. Even the in-device store, and browser is hard to see. We need BIGGER app pages, browsers, and menus.


It would be very helpful if Oculus / Meta / Facebook / whomever owns this product dev in the future, would encourage all third party, and inhouse development team leads to ensure their in-game menus have text which a legally blind player can read without having to walk up to them, and risk injury, or property damage, in the process.


In short, we need a fourth font / text size option just for legally blind / low vision users, which might be something like "Largest 2", or something like that.


Lastly, third party devs should be discouraged from placing in-game huds at the far edge of only one eye, as players who are monocularly sighted won't see that hud, if it happens to exist in on their blind eye side. All huds, and info text must be presented in the dead center, or near center of BOTH eyes


I made this complaint known to oculus, prior to the big update, and again, after it, and no action has been taken, to date.


This comes under reasonable accommodation, and access, under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Level 3

I also find the "Largest" text size is not large enough. I think allowing users to set "X-Large" text would be a good option. But to enlarge everything, I would suggest allowing an accessibility option under Vision to set the default distance from the UI to be "Closer". This would have the effect of enlarging everything, including text and buttons, because the point-of-view would be closer to them, making them appear larger. It would be ideal to have a slider to let the user choose the distance from the UI, but a set list of choices could also work.