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Status: New Idea

The expansion of the home space is going in the right direction. It would be better if it was customizable, like a real home, and have free movement throughout the space. Also a door leading into horizon worlds would move further away from menu system toward an integrated vr experience, 

The rocket shortcut is good, but “First Encounters” is a game that loses relevance in the first week of headset ownership. If we could customize this for our favorite game, and add others for our top game choices that would be awesome. It is also a good way for friends to see which games you have when they visit your home space. It would be even better it would launch the game for everyone that owns the game and touches the model/shortcut.

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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey, @WeedyDragon! 👋 I really like this idea, especially the ability to personalize the home space to make it feel more authentic. I would love to see this happen!