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Status: New Idea

I have no idea if this is even possible. But would save me $80 if it were. Is it possible to enter your prescription into a settings area in Quest and then have the quest adjust the visuals so that you can see more clearly as if you were wearing glasses? If this is possible... Do this before Apple does it!

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Expert Protege

Would be nice. But the wheel at the bottom of the Q3 to adjust Pupillary Distance(PD), is the best it will get for now. The pancake lenses are stacked and glued together. They cant move around like when you are at an optometrist when he switches out the glass lenses when testing eyesight. There is also an issue callex "Focal Distance", which is also a limitation. What you see as distance in VR right now with any headset, is not like real life. Thats why they dont recommend children using it for long periods while eyes are evolving.