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Status: New Idea

Currently, when using the Quest 3 VR headset and casting to a phone using the Meta Phone app, there's no option to select which eye the VR headset displays. By default, it always displays the left eye. However, many users, including myself and my friends, are right-eye dominant and prefer to view content through the right eye.

While recording videos using the MetaQuest app allows users to choose the preferred eye, this functionality is absent when simply casting to a screen for others to watch.

Introduce a simple right/left eye selection feature within the Meta Phone app for casting. This would allow users to customize their viewing experience and cater to their dominant eye, enhancing comfort and immersion during VR sessions.

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Honored Guest

I got the same issue, i need to cast shooting games, but i cant, only left eye is casting, but i'm right eye dominant. We need an option where can change the eye casting on Quest 3!