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Level 3
Status: New Idea
  • Pros - Massively powerful tool to create games for people who find C#, C++ or even bolt/blueprints scripting too challenging. The tools are extremely intuitive and actually help you to learn the basics of coding.


  • The cons - worlds aren't monetized for the creators spending vast amounts of time creating spaces that are attractive to consumers. - incentives are key here.


  • Petpeeves - pointer for typing from a distance needs to be added for keyboard.
    We NEED to be able to drag and drop x,y,z data from obj properties onto the scripting page. Typing this is a huge hastle, especially with the first issue noted. Lastly.... object variable is confusing at times. It does not need a name, but when named it can confuse seems as if the object is connected, when it isn't. We should be able to drag and drop onject name from properties onto the variable pane & have it auto populate type and nomenclature.
Level 9

> With the announcement of Meta and Metaworlds, I can see so many ways for developers to make money here.


There were thoughts on NFTs and owning virtual goods in Metaverse. But will we own our digital identity that those NFTs will be bound to? Could we sell those digital identities (and all NFTs with them)? If we are not, then we are not the owners. 🙂

But will we be protected from stealing digital identity? And if it would be stolen and sold? Or someone will be forced to sell it? Could all sells and resells be reverted? And it could be thousands of resells in seconds in digital world, is there a way to track all that and revert those thousand transactions in sell path? How this protection mechanics could work at all in real world and other countries?

Ok... I think in Metaverse our digital identity would be more like a business company then a personal identity. You could be the only owner, but some could add more owners to projects like "virtual blogger" etc.

Level 2

Agreed. They need to add monetization or some form of financial incentive for developers if they want to draw talent and better user experiences. They also need to allow greater scripting capabilities to empower creators and give them greater flexibility to bring their ideas to life. As it stands the limited Scratch like scripting interface is going to produce thousands of the the same types of games/experiences and user's will likely get bored with it.