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Several other platforms like Steam, PlayStation, etc. offer family sharing for multiple users in the same household. The same game can’t be played at the same time across multiple accounts or devices, but can be shared within a household in the same way that physical media works.
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Actually on Xbox the same games can be played at the same time on different consoles
Yes - i want my daughter to play their own campaign in beat saber
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This would be great but I think having the option to switch between users on Quest has to be implemented first, see
"The same game can’t be played at the same time across multiple accounts or devices," You can with an Xbox 360-Xbox One-PC, Multiple Xbox One with friend or something. There is no same time limit like in Steam.
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Please!! I was all set to buy 3 headsets but then read that there is no family account / family sharing like on the Xbox and Playstation.??? PLEASE ADD THIS IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS 2019!
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PLEASE. I am waiting for this!
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Plus, if on same LAN, enable multiplayer between family members if one of the family member owns the game. I was planning to get all of my family members a Quest for multiplayer games but the games gonna cost too much... OR at least introduce bundle pricing (e.g. 4 packs for 50% off ).
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This is a major reason I am not buying another Oculus Quest system to play against my daughter. Having to buy the same games at the same costs is not reasonable and will cost Oculus in lost multi-unit sales revenue through the years. Think about it Oculus.
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This is the reason I will probably not buy any Oculus device but a Sony playstation. Although the Oculus is the better system. But having to buy the game twice is not reasonable.
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I would love to have family sharing/library! I am thinking of getting the kids each a Quest of their own for Christmas, but one of the things stopping me is having to purchase a game 2 more times to load for their profiles (or 3 times for any game we all want). I find that unreasonable. Family share/family library would solve that (like Google Play does). Perhaps even going as far as paying a little extra per game (optional) to allow local multiplayer on certain games (like RacketNX, for eg.) for those within your 'family library'. I would LOVE to be able to play multiplayer games with my kids rather than only strangers online (but without having to buy the same game 3 times. I could be buying many different games with that money lol).