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Several other platforms like Steam, PlayStation, etc. offer family sharing for multiple users in the same household. The same game can’t be played at the same time across multiple accounts or devices, but can be shared within a household in the same way that physical media works.

The fact that I have 4 Oculus quest 2s and cannot play with my kids without nothing but headaches is complete BS!!!!

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I would like to add my support to this idea as well.  Family sharing has been successful for Apple, as well, which allows for up to 6 people in your family.   I don't know if 6 people make sense for the Oculus but we are waiting for app sharing to work on 3 headsets, instead of the current 2 headset limitation.  Once this becomes a reality, we will add a third headset to our family.  


Additionally, I’d like to suggest allowing all members in a “group” sharing the games, to be able to purchase and share with anyone in the group. For instance, I have a ton of games I’ve found that I want to buy, but the way it is now, my husband is the one who has to buy them in order to app share with me. This is such an outdated method of purchasing games as a family, if I had known that I wouldn’t be able to buy games myself that we both could share, I never would have bought Oculus, I would have gone with a different brand that’s easier to share games on.

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Any ideas on whether family sharing will be a thing in the near future? I have two Oculus 2 headsets and would like to purchase two more but it seems the limit for app sharing is only for two devices so far. They should honestly permit 4 devices to use app sharing through a family sharing feature because that’s the same number of accounts(4) allowed, as long as everyone is using the same WiFi….