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Several other platforms like Steam, PlayStation, etc. offer family sharing for multiple users in the same household. The same game can’t be played at the same time across multiple accounts or devices, but can be shared within a household in the same way that physical media works.
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It should work just like on PS4. We can play the same games at the same time and since every family member has their own account we also can play Multiplayergames together. It is also possible that the Sub accounts buy their own games/DLC/Ingame Items. Only when the main account buys something it will be available on all sub accounts. For that the sub account has to login into the main account to download the game/app. This is the reason that you only share that with family members and not with strangers - you don't want to share your account informations/paying information and all kinds of stuff with someone you don't know and/or trust. Also, when i setup a new account, say for my son, then i would have to put my payment information to his account to buy games/apps. But this could be deemed as Fraud, so i won't do that. Another thing is: If i buy another Quest for myself and i want to play with/against a friend it isn't working because both Quests are on the same account and we cannot play together most games. Since the Quest has no Multiple Users i have to perform a factory reset when a friend which has an Oculus Account wants to login. This is too cumbersome :/ Please Oculus make it happen. This is the only reason i only bought one Quest.
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i would very likely buy a second quest for my daughter once family sharing similar to how xbox works is implemented on oculus but you can be sure i will not do so if i have to re-purchase every game again. this is a silly thing to miss in the current console climate.
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I have two with two diffrent accounts and paying twice for everything. Will not happen at this stage in development 1000%.
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This really needs to happen. My wife and I and my kids all own a headset, but we can't play between us unless we purchase the game 4 times. Which seems crazy. Like Google play, there should be a family library situation.
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In a world of streaming content (games, movies, music, etc), this is the basics..... come on Oculus, make this happen.
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I agree, this is very much needed. Paying multiple times for the same game is off-putting. I would gladly buy a set for everyone in my family if I could play games with them.
Yes please, I finally saved enough to get my Oculus Quest (had Rift S since launch) came home to play Racoon Lagoon with my son and I find that we cant play together.
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Wait, this is not a thing? I have a rift and was going to get two quests for each of my kids for Christmas so they'll leave my rift alone. You're telling me there is no family share? F*** that. Guess I'll keep looking for other present ideas. That's so stupid. Stop being so money hungry Facebook and get with the times.
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So glad I read this thread before I wasted money this holiday
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Was just about to buy a second Rift to play with my daughter on the same games in the same house. So lucky I found this thread. Such a shame this has been ignored and not implemented in time for Christmas.