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Several other platforms like Steam, PlayStation, etc. offer family sharing for multiple users in the same household. The same game can’t be played at the same time across multiple accounts or devices, but can be shared within a household in the same way that physical media works.
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It baffles me that a console manufacturer can't even mimic what Nintendo - one of the most backwards companies in the industry - pretty much mastered with the Switch. Give us user accounts. Let families share. It's not that hard and you will not get a dime more from me until it happens because I've already dropped $200 in games, I'm not spending that again.
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I just bought three Oculus Quest for my family of six... are you telling me that I have to buy the same game THREE times every time we want to experience it as a family? Who does this in this day and age? Why would you penalize families?
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My wife really wants to buy 5 for the family for us to play together. Paying an additional 50 to 150$ per game depending gets a little pricey. 400$ oculus quest vs $450 per complete ps4 plus vr system now (that's sale price of vr and console together) we'll make up the difference in price via games. I understand the quest is supposed to be better, but after investing in games, maybe impracticable for us
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C'mon... it's impossible for me to buy 4 copies of same game for each of my family members in my house hold. I will hold my purchases until family sharing happens.
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Do you think it would be possible to have a gundam or a mech type game? I think it would be doable.
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I really think that this is disappointing. I already bought a second rifts to teach my students digital vr arts and play multiplayer games with my partner. I believe this Must be something they are setting up. My partner needs persuading to play he's never going to buy a whole second set of apps. He will never let me spend all the money I spend on art apps and games a second time.
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Family sharing not unlike Apple appstore. Some applications would require it to be worth while. For instance, the touted group play in Arizona Sunshine. Amongst family, this is akin to scrabble or walkietalkie apps with siblings on iPhone; I can see outside family having to purchase but family? The prices are already high, VR is already a self centered experience, and a family plan would help adoption and foster more use, versatile family app/fuctionality titles, etc. Make it so!
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Yes! on Console and PC games you do nto have to buy a game again for another member of the family to use it ... this is really stupid!
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Please enable this feature, I have 4 children and was about to buy 3 more quests but not until there is a family sharing.
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This is ridiculous. I guess I won’t be buying the other two oculus for my family for Christmas.