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Status: New Idea

I first saw this feature in my Lenovo M10 tablet which I use as an extra monitor in my PC (SpaceDesk) so it is permanently connected.

Anyhow: The tablet has a battery protection mode which allows the battery to charge up to 60% and discharge until it reaches 40%.

That would be a great option for those of us with big power banks or a headset that is permanently connected.

With this feature, if enabled, I could put my headset in its charger base forever and each time I'll pick it up it would be at 60%. For quick things (developer here) it would be enough juice and when I want to have a very long session I use my 20.000 mAh PD power bank in my pocket and charge the headset in a cyclical way going from 40% to 60% periodically so the battery doesn't burn.

Please? 🙂