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Status: New Idea

The new update is terrible. 

Firstly, the new avatar arms look terrible and are so visually distracting that it's taken away from the experience. 

Secondly, not sure if I am the only one having this issue but when i'm using my quest in bed to browse the internet or just on the home screen it has a glitch where it looks like my hands are under the virtual environment. I would like to suggest  if possible to have more freedom moving the dock down in home screen when in bed. No issues when i'm sitting on a coach as I can move the bar to 'floor level' but when im in bed it seems like there's a table between me and the virtual environment. It feels as if im 'sunken' into the floor it seems very very unnatural. 

Anyways, I hope you guys fix these bugs and issues in the next update bcos I really used to enjoy my user experience with the Quest 2 but with this new update it's a little bit janky and it doesn't feel natural.