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Hi, I'm Kevin Keew, I'm 11 and I love Oculus Quest 2, especially Beat Saber. I'm just a boy but my dad's here watching.
My post is a bit long, but please read and comment.
This is a project that I developed as a new game concept for Oculus Quest 2. I think it would be revolutionary, and I would like to know if it is interesting or not.
I expect you to criticise and open up about the good features of my project, but please also let me know the negatives. It's all about business, and I'd like to hear very honest opinions, especially the negative ones, which will help avoid failures.
It's easy to explain if I tell you a few things about me:
I'm a singer, gamer, and business creator. I'm learning about how to develop virtual businesses while working, based on the struggles of my own career.
If you prefer, please check this article about me at Medium Authority Magazine.
This project is called SuperPop.TV which is basically an entire Broadcasting and TV company created totally inside the Metaverse trough Oculus Quest 2.
In real life, our company is International Business Ltd. It's based in the UK.
It all runs on the Meta Horizon Workrooms platform, which is just awesome, I love it.
As the biggest problem for artists is to be featured on TV, this metaverse's TV channel features dancers, singers, influencers, gamers, musicians, music videos, and interviews with the best gamers.

Playing SuperPop.TV is like playing Beat Saber, but it has one important distinction: It's socio-constructive, a business game based on inclusivity and social responsibility.
It builds on its own, and the main purpose is to simulate the Showbiz Industry in the Metaverse. It lets users be dancers, promoters, creators and producers, bringing their own avatars to life. SuperPop.TV is a completely virtual TV channel open for everyone.
SuperPop.TV mainly appeals to two types of players: those who love to dance to the best songs and get points (like Beat Saber), and independent artists, who can showcase their songs.
The game allows artists to be their own producers, create their own avatar within the platform, upload their own songs, invite users to dance, and most important, build an organic audience inside the Metaverse with virtual reality performances.
Being a singer, I think it's fantastic for the music business, as it'll give artists the chance to be on SuperPop.TV, take part in talent shows and get discovered by new audiences, who'll dance to the songs to make the artist's avatar preforming on stage.
For dancers, it's even better because the game is based on tokenisation. Every dance generates tokens, and it can be exchanged for cash on a monthly basis.
Users of all types have the chance to make money every month too, as they can earn diversified cash prizes.
SuperPop.TV lets users fighting over the most danced songs by the most popular artists, and the battle winners are sorted by their real-life cities.
The best cities win the war of talent, and finally they're on the map (ranking), and this brings real music concerts to the winners cities, where cash prizes are given out to the best independent musicians and dancers too.
The game SuperPop.TV also works as an independent music chart, and it can help artists who have never had any investment break through, promoting social justice and equality.

Now, tell us your honest thoughts, particularly on the negative aspects, and we will use these to reformulate the project, which we will soon present to investors with whom we are already in contact.
Thank you very much for your attention and we wish all the best for all of you. God bless you and Oculus Quest 2.
Kevin Keew & Dad.