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Status: Unspecified
Usability issue: It is no longer possible to dim the environment when watching content in fullscreen mode. This harms immersion. See: Bug: It is not possible to dismiss the volume/projection mode control bar when watching content in Non-VR 2D fullscreen mode. It's intrusive. See: It's possible to dismiss it if you change the projection mode, but not if you remain in the default mode. This bug manifests on Quest as well. Bug: There is significant aliasing when watching 3D side-by-side content in Oculus Browser. Here are two comparisons: Oculus Browser top, Oculus Gallery bottom. Use cases: watching 3D SBS YouTube content in Oculus Browser (not all of this content is viewable in 3D using the official YouTube VR app), watching 3D SBS content via the Plex web interface. This bug manifests on Quest as well. Note: the same 3D aliasing bug used to affect Oculus Gallery as well but was eventually fixed when reported, so there's obviously a solution floating around inside Oculus somewhere 😉 And for extra points: the size of the virtual screen is significantly smaller in 3D SBS mode compared to 2D fullscreen mode, and I think it's _too_ small really.