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Users will often have games fail to install. We're told when this happens to reinstall Oculus. Reinstalling Oculus fails 5/6 times, regardless of what steps you take beforehand. Please fix both the installation of applications and the installation of Oculus itself. To that end, if third party drivers have to install, let us have an option to prevent third party driver installation altogether, as that is where failure is most frequent, both for Oculus and for Steam. Also make it possible to download a standalone, fully downloaded version of the setup, as downloading 5 gigabytes every time your installation fails is neither productive to Oculus, nor to the end user.
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Now every time I'm downloading Oculus on another pc, I select the spanish/espagnol language. Even if the OS is in english,french. It has never failed once. And if you do English - download Crash - Force exit (alt f4) - espagnol. The spanish download seems to verify the files and is actually faster at everything