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Level 3
Status: Completed
Fix the 'Crash to Home' bug- Any app (all app) screen turn black, Guardian wall appear and app crash to home. Fix?
Level 3
same issue here. As others have stated, it seems toBe related to heat and fast movements. And Guardian.
Level 2
its been getting very annoying for me too. its been happening in all of my apps and just started crashing on any app i open whether it be vrchat to bigscreen and all in between
Level 2
Today I also started to gave these problems. Didn’t have them until now. Played a game, started another that crashed (boundery I think) and all apps started crashing after that
Level 2
Hi, I have two games that start to load then goes straight back to home screen. One is end space and the other is echo vr. Tried resetting, but nothing. Any help will be appreciated
Level 2
My oculus will crash while playing the climb and just goes straight to the home page. Its the only game that ive paid for and the only one to crash
Level 2
Nobody is saying how to fix it, they're all saying they just have the same problem. Can someone please let me know how to fix this! Factory reset didn't work!
Level 2
It’s v30 and I’m having this problem. I open Pavlov shack, and echo arena and as soon as I open them up it either pops up with the three dots infinitely or it kicks me out instantly
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O ontesr

Level 2

its 2022 and I just now started having this issue