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Expert Protege
Status: New Idea

First: The main game/app library page should only show the games/apps based on the filer option you have set rather than every single game/app [including uninstalled apps] no matter what you select to filter it by.

Second: If you're going to have us to go into the search sub-menu to filter by say installed games/apps, then at least let us choose to display them in the same format as the current default game/app library screen, where you actually see the games/apps in a larger icon view with four or whatever per line.

Third: Why not actually let us also move games/apps around the menu to organise it as we choose. You sort of make it appear like we can by allowing us to grab them out of the menu, but then we can't really do much with that.

Forth: Let us properly delete games/apps, including some of the ones currently permanently installed on our devices and wasting precious storage space. Other than probably only the Store and Settings apps (maybe Camera and Files too), which are basically essential for the device to function and to get any additional content, we really should be allowed to delete any games/apps we choose.

Fifth: Let us permanently delete any demos that are no longer valid (timed out, not available anymore, etc).

You had most of this perfectly fine before (and it's still fine in the PC Oculus app), so please just go back to that for Quest too if you can't improve upon what is there. Thank you. 🙂