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Status: Unspecified
Develop a full body tracking solution for the Rift S and Quest.
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Full Body Anzug per USB 3.X oder Bluetooth das wäre sehr gut , ich möchte mir keine Vr Brille holen von htc vive ich habe mal so ausdem kopf einfach mal eine zeichnung hin gelegt
This would barely work. Both headsets cant see your entire body at one time. You would lose tracking constantly and it would get very annoying. Its possible to add tracking but finding joints on your body is very hard. The next best bet for you is to get the xbox kinect then use that for full body tracking
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'@Fuzeamuze There are other clubs that already have a suit and they do not have the problem. besides, this is almost the same as the VR glasses only on the body In addition, the limitation of the head is measured automatically, that is, the suit automatically detects that there is the VR glasses. You can forget xbox kinect, you already need the Xbox One Kinect sensor which has 360 ° function
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I have to agree with @Fuzeamuze, without other solutions, there is no way the headset would be able to fully track you. the best option (not including Kinect and suits/3rd party solutions etc.) would be to bring back the oculus CV1 sensors and vive-like tracking pucks.
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You would need external cameras to be sold separately and they would probably be sold for $80-$160.
Don't get me wrong, but I don't think it makes sense. I don't think these helmets or at least Oculus Quest have enough power to handle this given that it is completely wireless. The best thing about all helmets is incomplete tracking, feedback. Being able to sense the objects and conditions of virtual reality.
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i agree with that
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Or at least support body trackers that already exist! please
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We need full body trackers!
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Please add a full body option!