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Status: New Idea

There are plenty of Mediapipe-based webcam FBT solutions. How about integrating it as a Quest feature? By standing in front of a mirror and letting the camera see your full body in the mirror, it can not only provide lower body tracking but also improve upper arm tracking.


I fully agree, FBT would be awesome...

Improved leg tracking using small sensors velcro strapped to ankles/feet has been suggested here:

Another option could be improved AI generative legs. Up to now only walking and crouching down is supported. But I feel even with the headset's cameras as only input, much more is possible. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

+1 to that FBT, not exactly sure how it'd work but it would definitely be really cool to have.

Expert Protege

I personally think this is a stupid suggestion. With a mirror, the helmet will get confused and think there are two people. This will bring problems rather than solutions. It would be better if they just added the possibility of additional controllers that you could mount on the legs, for example. Maybe mini trackers. There are even versions for this, but they are a bit expensive and require a computer to act as a server. The biggest problem is that there are almost no apps that use full body tracking, which makes this extra pretty useless.


You'd have to tell the headset where the mirror is so it can treat it as such.

But also, I'm not sure how well it could run mediapipe in addition to whatever app is running without slowing the main app down by a lot.