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Status: New Idea

Hey VR enthusiasts and Meta engineers team, I've been diving into the Oculus Quest 3, especially intrigued by its passthrough capability that's supposed to merge our real surroundings with VR, and I am not talking about mixreality applications. My hope was to seamlessly interact with the real world—like grabbing a snack—without stepping out completely of the VR game or a VR movie. However, it turns out the passthrough doesn't quite allow for such interactions. Without the possibility of enabling a passthrough while in VR applications that blends with the real environment simultaneously, the current passthrough feature falls short of these immersive experiences. 

I envisioned scenarios like enjoying a VR night sky or exploring a VR forest that expands beyond my walls, without leaving my room, enhancing both immersion and safety, like by preventing run-ins with unexpected objects. Yet, the current functionality of Quest 3's passthrough doesn't support this depth of integration, unless we play a mixreality application, designed for this. 

I've searched for any setting that might offer a more blended experience between VR content and real-world awareness but haven't found a solution, unless you use the only option of double tapping the side of the head set to jump out of the VR worlds. So, I'm reaching out to see if anyone knows of a workaround or if we're looking at a limitation that might be addressed in future updates, with an extended triple tapping, where you allow the real world to blend with the VR world .

Eager to hear your experiences or any advice on achieving a more immersive, seamless blend between the virtual and the actual.

Thank you!!