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Honored Guest
Status: New Idea

Dear Meta Development Team,

I'd like to propose an innovative gardening app and sensor system that leverages the Meta Quest 3's advanced technology. The app would utilize computer vision and machine learning to detect common garden pests and diseases, providing users with personalized guidance on organic and integrated pest management methods.

The sensor system would monitor soil pH, moisture levels, temperature, and other essential factors, sending alerts and recommendations to users. This comprehensive system would empower gardeners to make data-driven decisions, ensuring optimal plant care and yields.

Key features:

- Pest and disease detection using computer vision and machine learning
- Personalized guidance on organic and integrated pest management methods
- Soil pH, moisture, and temperature monitoring
- Real-time alerts and recommendations
- Gardening community sharing and learning

I believe this app and sensor system would revolutionize gardening for enthusiasts and professionals alike. I'd love to see Meta bring this idea to life!

Thank you for considering my proposal.