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Status: New Idea

Hello so I use voicemeeter to seperate my audio for streaming and I tried getting my audio from my pc to my oculus headset and I couldn't figure how to get it to work myself without messing up all my audio in my obs studio(where I do streaming) and I contacted Oculus Support about the problem and we tried to get it to work, but sadly everything we tried it didnt work. So im gonna leave a suggestion of either:

1. Getting oculus Audio Driver to work in Audio managing programs like Voicemeeter


2. Giving the option to choose what output and input device you want for your Oculus when your in Oculus Dash or Rift

I think this would be a really good thing for Oculus to be able to add these types of things into rift so streamers can manage their audio and it not being so hard for streamers to stream there oculus Vr content. Just a suggestion, I know oculus can pull it off because they have done such an amazing job and I def don't want to go out of my way to get a pc vr headset (which is typically more expensive than a normal headset like oculus) when I know they can pull off the potential of being a normal headset and also be able to pull off being a very good PC VR headset like for example the Valve Index. 

hope you take this consideration to heart and maybe just maybe you can try being a normal headset(like u planned in the first place) and a REALLY GOOD Pc Vr Headset.