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Status: Unspecified
Every time I start Oculus, only the "Explore" panel appears, which I barely use at all. Every single time I need to set up my own layout, reopen, resize, and reposition every panel that I usually use. It can be a real drag. Just let us save our own layouts please. In fact, that should have been the "Pin to Experience" buttons function in the first place.
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Please add this it's been 3 years since dash came out? Why isn't there any progress in these kind of ideas?
I agree, is this really still not implemented? The Home would work, and that can be saved, but I don't want that. I want to go into Elite: Dangerous, in to a Type-10 AFK Build and park inside an RES. Then, switch the camera to one of the back seats...with placing a desktop and browser windows in specific spots. And that's now my office for work. But I have to set that up EVERY time, and that really is annoying. Please let us save those window positions and what-not...especially since I can have infinity monitors that way.
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Yeah, I just got my quest three and was surprised that every time I re-entered I had to set everything up as almost unusable as factory default…

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Yep, I work on oculus and I need to set it 3 - 4 times a day... 😑