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I own a Meta Quest 2 and, like many other, I am bedridden and in need of a solution to tilt my playspace 90° in order to face forward in virtual reality while I'm facing the ceiling in the real world. It is unacceptable that people with disabilities can't experience the beauty of VR (which could be extremely helpful for us in particular, much more than for every other people) due to the lack of a simple but yet fundamental feature in your software. And I'm not talking about the "reset view" feature already available in settings, that works only with menus inside your default virtual room, I'm not talking either of OVR Advanced Settings which gives such option BUT only on PCVR. I'm talking about TRUE NATIVE tilt/rotation of the ENTIRE playspace. We are in 2022, you claim to be very inclusive and then YOU COMPLETELY LEAVE BEHIND PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES? If you have no plans to implement such feature, give us at least a beta tool to accomplish the goal! It shouldn't be that hard to code it. This whole situation is simply unacceptable and this will backfire sooner or later, that's for sure. Now, PLEASE, reply to this message with an actual solution and not with the usual "company's apologises", thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We completely recognize your circumstance. We hear you and understand where you're coming from. When it comes to virtual reality and disability, you make some excellent points. Especially if you're bedridden. We are always looking for ways to improve our user experiences, so we do have the  Ideas forum where you can share your thoughts and suggestions as well as search for others who may have the same interest!


While there is not currently the functionality to change the entire play space orientation, when setting up your device, you can use your bed as the ground level for a higher ground level for your main menu navigation. Then when you're in the home view and see your dashboard, you can go to your settings and select quick actions. Click the reset view. The dashboard will now move freely and you can click confirm on the spot facing the ceiling that's most comfortable for you while scrolling your dashboard. Aside from the actual dashboard or home menu, here's a list of some games you can try without much movement:


-Real VR Fishing,



-Drop Dead

-Pokerstars VR

-Any seated game with controls below the waist

-Any shooter games with your guns in a low-slung holster


Here's a link with more information on how to enjoy other entertainment with your device.


We are very grateful you've brought this subject into light. We'd love to see your suggestions in the Ideas forum as well. 


We do hope we've been of sufficient assistance in answering your question. Let us know if there's anything else we can help answer!


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I paid for the whole thing, not for some demo!

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maybe this is a solution for you „All Access Life“ - software called „WalkingVR“


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@Simmazy Thank you for sharing this but I'm looking for a native untethered Quest 2 solution