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Ever since I updated to rift core 2.0 I have had tracking issues and performance issues in games, I propose that we should get the option to get the 'choose what we use' in the options menu, and for people who have just installed oculus, they can see which one looks better for them when setting up rift.
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Yup +1 from me too. The performance hit is just not least give us the choice instead of forcing it upon us.
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I have had nothing but problems since updating to 2.0, I cant even use the rift. Games crash to desktop for no reason and without errors, steam no longer works with the rift, I have to plug and unplug the rift to get the computer to recognize it. Everything worked perfect before the update!!
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I agree. I much prefer chilling out in the Japanese garden at night with the sights and sounds, and looking at the stars. Plus I much prefer the white program loading screen disappearing into the horizon all round.
I have a few thoughts about Home 2.0. Firstly, when introducing a person to Oculus, Home 2.0 causes nothing but confusion. In Classic home, I could easily give a person instructions because the design and layout of Classic was carefully thought out, most likely by a UX designer. In home/dash 2.0, things that use to be easy to find are much more difficult to access now. For example, when showing a new player how to adjust the headset IDP in Classic, I would say, "do you see the tiles on the right, click the middle one." Second, why has the store been moved to a separate app? In home classic, I would browse the games every night looking for deals because it was right in front of me after exiting a game. Why would you choose to move something that is generating income? Since the update to 2.0, I only hear about games from websites and friends now. Finally, and I hate to beat a dead horse here, but performance. I mean come on, the rift was designed for gamers, why isn't performance a priority?
For anybody having performance issues, search up "Oculus Homeless" and click on the link that leads to /r/oculus.
Or have it setup where you don't load Home.
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WHY IMPOSSEEEEEEE OCULUS SUCKERS< GIVE BACK HOME 1, its more adult, and less time consume to just launch a F game
'+1 The original home (and the modern home on the mountainside) were really comfortable and nice. The big home 2.0 environment it laggy and doesn't feel particularly nice to be in.
I think it should be a user option to decide what kind of "default app" to go to when leaving VR expeirences. I got a pretty high end computer, but I do not want to waste power on going to Oculus Home every time I leave a VR app. Its long overdue for Oculus to add a way to either disable Home or make it an option to do something different.
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I'd prefer an option to disable home -entirely- without resorting to hacky workarounds. It's not something I ever want to use or need sitting in the background chewing up resources.