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Seriously, how come Apple has given people the option to officially watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie in proper stereoscopic 3D inside the Vision Pro before I could ever watch it on any of my Quest headsets?

Meta, you should have had this in the bag a long time ago. Instead Apple gets a low hanging freebie headline there.

Get to offering it asap now at least, please. I wanna finally be able to officially purchase, download, and watch that movie and others like it in proper stereoscopic 3D.


It would be very very great if this idea would come to live.... watching 3d trough streaming from disney+ or netflix or prime... the vr headsets are perfect for 3d streaming movies


I think through well-known streaming providers, people who can't afford the vision pro would be more likely to buy the quest 3.


For sure.. been streaming and sharing 3d movies.. have a huge collection 3d movies from the beginning... collecting them.. adapted them for vr viewing.. i am sharing this for free on the community(bigscreen rooms) always full with 15 People everyday the room is full in seconds... People love 3d movies on our quests... it would be soo great if meta would make this happen... 

I saw a video from a prominent youtuber the other day pointing out that Meta is lacking a lot of core apps.

You have definitely pointed one out - why do I have to go to Bigscreen and then find out nearly all 3d films can’t be watched in Britain?

Why have they never replaced the ability to view stereo images, cubemaps etc since the removal of Oculus Gallery (was that the name?).  Oculus Cinema - another one.

I think they could do better with the simple, core apps that people need for VR.

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I would like to be able to view the Disney plus 3d content and be able to rent/buy 3D movies 

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They removed what was there, like big screen don't rent anymore

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I'm with you on this, is sorely missing options to do so unfortunately while it would be awesome and better than AVP as here is easily watchable with 2 cheap quest togheter while to do so on Apple Vision Pro would cost 10k for just 2 headsets

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Good idea 

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So, is there any official response from Meta on this topic?  Any official response would be helpful, even if it is negative / don't bother hoping for it.


I am a retired IT expert so I figure all it takes is to recompile the code that works on the Apple Vision Pro so it works on the Quest 3.  


I just got out of chat with Disney+ on this topic and all they did was open a case Refrence # 81446488.

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Yeah dude I agree with you, it needs to happen, in the meantime I'm downloading movies from another third party site . Hope for progress with 3d movies in the near future for VR!