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Expert Protege
Status: New Idea

It would be GREAT to have a green screen passthrough mode (an enhanced mode of passthrough).  You should be able to specify a color (default green) and closeness % (in the settings for your device), and then the passthrough of the QUEST image would only apply when the CAMERA image pixel matches close enough to your specified color.

This would enable you to (for example) poke a steering wheel or yoke through a green screen and have it clearly appear inside a virtual cockpit.  It opens up more immersive mixed reality gaming potential with no code changes for the developers.  Obviously this should also be able to be active during the use of any game/app.

This could be toggled on and off using the existing immersed/passthrough button, which would become immersed/passthrough/green screen.

Seems like this would be a GREAT feature to help push Quest 3 as a serious mixed reality device!