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Alright guys. Here me out on this one. And this applies to all type of Mecha. Imagine a VR game/experience where you are in the cockpit of your favorite mech/mobile suit/Gundam or even a third person kind of thing. Imagine being face to face with actual mech combat. Your cockpit/Hud showing all the unique controls and status of your suit.




Imagine reaching out your hand and the arm of the mech moves in relation to your movement. Swinging your sword/beam saber and slicing through enemy units. The potential for a VR mech/Gundam game is endless, given the vast amount of resources and examples. Gundam alone spans over dozens of timelines and events!





Wearing a haptic feedback suit with this would be insane. The feel of the thrust and enemy units shooting at you would make for such an intense rush! The amount of money I would drop on an experience like this would be immeasurable!




Scanning in your Gunpla is already in the test phases and recently allowed to the public at a Gunpla event for testing. We aren't that far off from being able pilot our dream machines like in the Gundam show "Build Divers" and much more Gunpla shows. Maybe a way of scanning and then wearing your VR headset to be able to pilot your own machine!


What are y'alls ideas/feedback on this? What are your favorite Gundams/Mobile suit? If you've watched the anime, what's your favorite series? What Mobile Suit/Mech/Gundam would you want to pilot?

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Check out madnugvr it already does all that and more go pilot your gundam it's free!