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Status: New Idea

I purchased the Quest 2 device so I can use the app "Wander" (which is wonderful by the way) and this way I can visit anywhere in the world I might not otherwise see. Unfortunately I am ill, and slowly losing the functions of my arms and hands. In time I will not be able to navigate the screens to go to the places I would like to see. It occurred to me, that this is a condition for many people who are paralyzed, or convalesced... but if there were a remote control feature where someone could navigate the search and other menus of some apps such as wander, for a person who is unable...then that would open a world of possibilities for so many people to be able to watch virtual concerts, or view sporting events, or navigate the world in VR and 3D. If the Casting App could be configured to permit full interaction from the phone, maybe many more people could benefit from the devices. Thanks in advance...