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Status: New Idea

Heres a wacky idea which would require work on Meta's part, but I've been doing a little hand tracking testing. Whenever my headset turns on, I have automatic changing of Controller and Hand tracking modes, so when I turn on the headset it loads straight into Hand Tracking. When I pick up my controllers, it takes a few seconds to swap, but in that time I can move my fingers and it tracks just fine. I also tested with an object around the same proportions as the controller handle and it tracked quite well, only problems would be index finger and the thumb, they would be blocked the most from the controller itself or the ring.

This idea would be hard to implement and painful to, but having the ability to move your fingers individually while touching the buttons, and being able to move them apart would make the controllers better in games that would support this feature. Would make the Pro Controllers on the same level as Index Controllers.

Ok theres the idea, have a good day, I will probably not look back at this post.